Whether you are negotiating an employment agreement, ending an employment relationship or facing employment termination, it is easy to feel as if there isn’t much you can do to advocate for yourself when facing your employer.  No other area of the law more routinely involves parties with such a discrepancy in power.  However, you aren’t as powerless as you may believe and you have a right to representation.

We are happy to review employment agreements, including non-compete agreements, and advise you of their terms and potential impact before you sign, when you later need further understanding, and/or as you end your employment relationship.

You also have a right to have an attorney review a severance agreement before you sign it.  Very often the terms of these agreements can be negotiated.  At the very least it is important to understand what you are being offered.

If you feel you have been or fear you are about to be terminated for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons you should consult with an attorney to determine if you have a cause of action. 

Amy Phillips has extensive experience representing employees.  She also brings to the table unique insight that comes from formerly representing employers in employment actions.

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