If you and another individual have a child together (whether you were married or not), child support is an important determination to protect the best interests of the child. A court can order the non-custodial parent to pay support to the custodial parent, based on the incomes of both parties, the number of children, and the age of the children. In addition to basic support, parents are also responsible for medical care, daycare, and other additional expenses to care for the children. There are many reasons the court may order an increase or decrease to child support; we are here to help you determine what’s fair and right for your situation.

Once you have a support order in place, under some circumstances and at certain intervals of time you can ask the court to adjust or modify the payment amount, how the costs are divided, or other aspects of the order.

Child support also includes post-secondary education, or college, costs for your children.  This is a substantial expense that is only getting more expensive every year.  Often this is reserved for young children until they are in high school.  There are critical deadlines related to this and we can help you and the other parent either reach agreement on these costs or seek a court order related to these costs.

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